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Our story

DrippinnnGold is a London based online jewellery store that sells high quality, trendy, and affordable jewellery pieces + more. However, our mission isn't only to sell jewellery but also to raise money for charities with each sale, allow women to express themselves, and make them feel pretty through high quality yet affordable jewellery pieces. As a brand, we highly support sustainability, and try our best to make a difference in the jewellery industry! We can proudly say that we do not support unsustainable fashion trends or contribute to the mass production of plastic.


Donating to charity:

We donate 4% of each sale we get to a charity. We pick a new charity and donate the money at the start of each month.

Some of the charities we have donated to throughout 2020:



-Cancer research

For any more questions or charities, you'd like to see us donate to contact us.



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