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Stainless steel:

Stainless steel jewellery does not tarnish when in contact with water. However, our gold stainless steel is gold plated which means it can fade back to its original base colour of silver. with good care like no water contact, it can last years. 

Sterling silver:

Sterling silver jewellery will not tarnish. however, it will darken over time which can be cleaned with special substances such as toothpaste. Silver sterling silver can be worn in water. However, gold plated sterling silver, again can fade back to its original base colour of silver if not kept dry.

Gold plated brass/copper:

Gold plated jewellery will last much longer than fashion jewellery. However, to make it last as long as possible avoid contact with water because it will eventually fade back to its original base.

Fashion jewellery:

Fashion jewellery is usually made from zinc alloy or brass. These metals must be kept dry at all times to avoid your skin from turning green and the jewellery from rusting.


If you are looking for water proof jewellery your options are:

-Silver sterling silver

-Silver stainless steel

-Solid gold (9,14,18 & 24 kt)

-Pure silver

Please don't get fooled into thinking plated jewellery is waterproof, the plating will wash off if not kept dry.

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